Setting Up Your Re-engagement Program

List hygiene is a key piece to maintaining your deliverability. ActionKit provides a Re-engagement tool to help you automate the process of identifying disengaged users, protecting them from your normal mailing stream, and adding them to a special re-engagement list so that you can send them targeted re-engagement emails and eventually unsubscribe the non-responders.

Learn more about setting up your re-engagement program below:

Mailing Testing Using Test Groups

Mailing test groups allow you to do head-to-head testing for mailings.

They protect you from common testing errors by ensuring that the targeting is consistent, that the randomized samples are of similar sizes, that the targeted users do not overlap, and that the mailings send at the same time.

They also provide specialized reports to compare mailing performance, and the ability to click to pick the winner.

Learn more about using the mailing test group feature below: